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Skillano Beauty

FAQS page

Questions and answers

What is IPL?

Which areas of my body can I use Skillano on?

Is Skillano safe?

Does the treatment hurt?

How long until you see results with Skillano?

Are results permanent with Skillano?

Does Skillano work for all hair colors?

Does Skillano work for all skin tones?

Should I shave before using Skillano?

Can you use Skillano with tattoos?

Can I use other removal methods in between treatments?

Is Skillano difficult to use? How to use it?

Does Skillano come with a warranty?

How many years can Skillano last?

Does Skillano require batteries?

Are there any recurring costs?

Is Skillano safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Can you use Skillano if you have freckles and moles?

Can I use Skillano before or after tanning?

How powerful is Skillano?

How is Skillano powered?


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