Hair removal can be redefined as a leisure self-care routine at home while watching Netflix.

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Malaysia #1 IPL Ice Cool Laser Hair Removal Device

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It feels nothing like pain, just a sense of warm feeling caresses my skin.

Jovin Lim @jooo.lim

I no longer have to remove my body hair as frequent after I found Skillano!! Because the new-grown hair are unnoticeable and lesser.

Esther Loh @lzy_estherrrr

I was nervous to buy this product and especially with shipping to Singapore. I received the product in perfect condition. All my queries were attended to promptly and efficiently. I absolutely love the product and would highly recommend! From order to delivery everything was seamless. Great product and worth every cent. Thank you Skillano.

Jing Yuan @jyyyy.lee

Not only significant hair reduction on my 2nd week of use, but I found out it has whitening effect too. Love it!

Jen Khor @jen.khor

Lucky to be one of the Skillano affiliates. During this pandemic, I can't go to saloon. But with Skillano, it is different now. The results is just like salon. Painless but result quite surprise.

Wai Yue @xxfwyxx_

I purchased this laser hair removal handset 4 weeks ago. I have used this now 4 times and started to see wonderful results. It is very light weight and easy to use also, not very time consuming. I would recommend the handheld laser, to anyone that wants laser hair removal.

Shin Yin @shinyingan

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