IPL Laser Hair Removal Device Questions

What is IPL?

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is a technology used by cosmetic and medical practitioners to perform skin treatments. 

Which areas of my body can I use Skillano IPL on?

Basically, everywhere!

You can use our IPL handset all over your body, including your legs, arms, bikini area, and face!

However, if you plan to use the IPL device on your face, we recommend only using the device below the cheekbones to avoid the eyes.

Is Skillano IPL safe?


Skillano IPL Laser Hair Removal device complies with European CE and RoHS certifications that indicate product safety and health. Number of studies around the world have proven the safety and effectiveness of IPL for hair removal.

Does the treatment hurt?

No, the treatment with our IPL Laser Hair Removal is totally painless!
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How long until you see results with Skillano IPL?

Skillano users typically notice a reduction of hair in just 2 treatments, with complete results after 8 treatments. However, results can vary from person to person.

Are results permanent with Skillano IPL?

Skillano IPL device offers 90% hair reduction long-lasting results.

However, no form of laser hair removal is permanent, even at the clinics. Just be careful when companies claim “permanent” hair removal, as this term technically means that there will be no regrowth of hair for 6 months. To maintain long-term results, we advise using our device once a week for 8 weeks, then just once every 3 months for maintenance.

Should I shave or use other removal methods in between treatments?

Please only shave when required in-between your treatment.

As for other removal methods such as waxing, plucking and epilating we don’t really recommend as it will remove the entire root of your hair. Your hair is what absorbs our device’s light to ultimately get the best result.

Therefore we recommend shaving before using our Skillano IPL devices.

Can I use Skillano IPL with freckles or moles?

You should not IPL over very dark freckles or moles, however light freckles are fine.

Is it safe to use Skillano IPL over tattoos?

You should never use IPL over tattoos. This will cause the IPL to target the tattoo and could produce burns and a painful experience. However, going around tattoos to treat an area is fine.

Is Skillano IPL safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?

There are no reports state that our IPL device has negative effects on pregnant or breastfeeding women.

However, we still would not recommend you using our device if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, just as a safety precaution.

How many years can Skillano IPL last?

Skillano IPL Device has a use-life of 300,000 - 999,999 flashes, which will last well over 10+ years if used as directed.

Does Skillano IPL work for all hair colors?

Yes. However users with very light blonde, red, or grey colored hair may need to complete 1-2 sessions MORE than typical black/brown hair. This is because our device targets melanin in your hair which absorbs the light's energy, and melanin is more present in darker hair colors.

Please refer to our hair tone chart below to see whether or not our device is suitable for you.

Does Skillano IPL work for all skin tones?

Our device is suitable for all but not the darkest skin tones.

Please refer to our skin tone chart below to see whether or not our device is suitable for you.

IPL Pro Diamond IPL Laser Hair Removal

What is IPL Pro Diamond Laser Hair Removal?

This device adopts the latest sapphire technology to ensure deeper penetration below the epidermis layer for more effective hair removal and less irritation at the site of the treatment.

It has a theatre-level hair removal effect, the freezing point of the whole process, and also has a cold compress function to escort sensitive skin.

Besides, it's attached with different sizes of replacement heads, the whole body can be detached, more precise and gentle of small area of hair removing.

Why does each of the replacement heads do?

1cm² replacement head is for smaller area of hair removal such as upper lip hair and knuckle hair

2cm² bald head is for the sensitive area like underarm, Brazilian and facial hair.

You can also use the original replacement head for your thigh, hand and calf.

Blackhead Microderm

What is Blackhead Microderm?

Microderm is the short form for microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive exfoliating treatment that leaves skin soft and rejuvenated.

Microdermabrasion works to improve:

- Fine lines and wrinkles
- Pore size and visibility
- Collagen production and blood flow
- Acne and acne scarring
- Pigmentation and sunspots
- Oily, congested or combination skin
- Dry and sensitive skin
- Overall skin texture and tone

How often should I use the Blackhead Microderm?

Using it every day may irritate your skin, especially if it is sensitive.

For the best results, we recommend using it once per week and 5 minutes at a time.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Just one use will leave your skin visibly smoother with reduced pore size and a fresh glow. While results vary between skin types, use it for 6 weeks consecutively to achieve the optimum results.

What does each of the tips do?

Microcrystalline tip: Infused with crystals, this tip gently buffs away dull, tired skin for a deep exfoliation

Oval tip: This tip removes oil and builds up from focus areas, such as the nose and chin.

How to clean the tip?

After using, pinch the suction tips with your hand and turn it clockwise to remove the pacifier, rinse and dry with a brush with warm water.

Use a wet towel or 50% concentration alcohol to clean the tip, store in a dry place.

8-in-1 Beauty Device

What is the Hot and Cool technique?

Hot (42-degree-Celsius): Promote blood circulation and opening pores to improve the effectiveness of exfoliation and skin care product absorption. (Clean/ Moisturising Mode)

Cold (6-degree-Celsius): Tightens the skin and shrinks pores, improves skin texture and remove fine lines and wrinkles. Enhance skin texture, brighten skin colour and helps skin rejuvenation (Cool/ Collagen Synthesis Mode)

What is the EMS technique?

EMS (Electro-muscle stimulation) is an electrotherapy method that sends electrical micro-current that stimulates the nerves and engages muscle fibres.

It can accelerate metabolism, renew skin cells and reduce wrinkles, helping restore the elasticity of your skin and make your skin look firm, smooth and delicate!

Note: EMS Lifting/ Moisturising/ Collagen Synthesis comes with EMS micro-current. It is normal if you will feel a tingling sensation and some muscle contraction.

What is the LED photon technique?

Red: Improve skin elasticity, reduce skin sagging and wrinkles. Suitable for Anti-aging.

Blue: Remove bacterial underneath the skin causes acne problems, disinfect your skin and reduce inflammation. Suitable for acne treatment

How to use Skillano 8-in-1 Beauty Device?

1. Kindly charge 3 hours before first use. The charging bar show on the screen means the device is charging.

2. Press the "MODE" button for 3 seconds to turn on the device. Temperature can be adjusted by pressing "LEVEL".

3. You can also adjust the LED Photon light by pressing "LED" in each mode.Switch to the mode that you would like to use. Mode introduction below for your reference:
4. Clean Mode (HOT)
5. Cool Mode (COLD)
6. EMS Lifting (WARM)
7. Moisturising (HOT)
8. Collagen Synthesis (COLD)

How often should I use the 8-in-1 Beauty Device?

You can use it every day with your regular skin care routine, 2-5 minutes per mode at a time While results vary between skin types, use it for 6 weeks consecutively to achieve the optimum results.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are there any recurring costs?

No, unlike laser-clinics and shaving all SKILLANO device is a one-time purchase. There is no need for replacements or refills. Simply plug in and go! Click Me

Does Skillano come with a warranty?

Yes, all devices come with 1 Year warranty. 1-1 Exchange.

How To Use?

To find out more on how to use our Skillano Beauty Products Click Here.

Where are you based? Where do you ship from?

We are based in Penang, Malaysia. We ship all Skillano Beauty orders from our warehouse in Shah Alam, otherwise stated.

How long will it take for my orders to arrive?

Every order takes 1-3 days to be processed and to be fulfilled.

For customers within Malaysia, we have a warehouse in Malaysia. West Malaysia orders should arrive within 1-3 working days after fulfilment. East Malaysia may takes longer around 3-6 working days. If you do not receive your order within 6 working days, please check your mailbox and tracking number, then contact us and we will make sure you’ll receive it in no time!

For customers within Singapore, your order should arrive within 6-8 business days after fulfillment. If you do not receive your order within 9 business days, please check your mailbox and tracking number, then contact us and we will make sure you’ll receive it in no time!


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